Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ok, many of you know that I had to post pone my Summer Mini order until after we recovered from our extended stay in Cyprus. Let me just tell you. it about killed me to do that. I saw all these wonderful projects online using the new stamp sets and accessories, and I couldn't recreate them. I was finally able to order my items, and let me tell you, it ended up being a bigger order than even I thought I would put together. Not only did I order items from the Summer Mini, but I also bought some stamp sets I had been eying out of the Idea Book and Catalog. Every year I wait until the stamp sets are almost retired before I buy them, well this year I decided to be pro active and just buy what I wanted before the retired list came out! I promised myself I would use them all before I started in on the Summer Mini stuff, so as I mounted my sets, I used them to make a card. Today's card was made using the Pendant Park stamp set. I love these little squirrels sitting on the bench. How did I manage to resist this for so long. Anyway, this little card is already winging it's way towards it's new Canada!!! I've also decided that I am going to start mailing the cards I make, instead of just letting them sit around and collect dust. If you want one of my cards, drop me an email with your never know. You may be the next lucky one!

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  1. Love the simple clean style of this. It's very pleasing to the eye.


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