Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cyprus Take Two

This page is of the Pahos Dam. The water runs from a natural spring at the Adonis Baths and fills up this entire man made lake. The kids were most impressed with the row of boxes on the far side of the dam. Late we found out that these were all bee boxes. Jay was super glad that we were so far away from them!

While I was using MDS, I learned some new things. One of which was that you can change the opacity of the stamps you are using. This allows for the image to be seen, but not as strong. I guess you could think of it as a way to "stamp off" in MDS. That's what I did on the Baroque Motif stamps in the corners.

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  1. Really pleased that you made it home, love the scrappin' you are doin' - fab pages. And "kissing round the world" what a fab album idea, Shelli would love that! Hugs Carole x


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