Thursday, May 27, 2010

I made you wait long enough

Do you remember a LOOONG time ago (Ok actually just a month and a half) I showed you this picture and refused to tell you what was in the box? I thought you might remember that. I just realized that I never actually showed you what was in the box. Well, back then I was asked to create something special for our Honorary Queens on the Royal Blog Tour. The RBT Team thought it would be nice to recognize their contribution of time and talent to the event. After much discussion we decided a charm would be perfect. So, I set out making several different inserts for the charms, and the entire team voted. Some of the rejects were......
But the winner was....... And here is what the final product looked like. Hopefully by now everyone has received theirs, and I didn't spoil anyone's surprise. I just was so darn proud of myself I had to share!

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