Thursday, May 20, 2010

My favorite page

Are you tired of our vacation yet? Well at this point, we were suppose to go home. Unfortunately a little volcano in Iceland had other plans for us. Our vacation became extended. I wanted to document the event in MDS, but since we couldn't see anything in Cyprus but blue skies, I didn't have any pictures. My good friend Punch Art came to the rescue. MDS is awesome for creating virtual punch art. You can layer and layer and layer to your hearts content. While this isn't the best punch art I've ever done, I'm pretty impressed with my volcano. What about you?


  1. What a fun card and I'm impressed! :) Thanks for blessing my day and bringing a smile to my face. :)))))

  2. Kelly ~ I love how you used your experience to make this fun card.


  3. What a cute card! Congratulations on being featured in Kelly's daily blog finds!


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