Saturday, August 8, 2009

I felt like a groupie!!!

Yes, I admit it. I stood in line for over an hour to get an autograph. It wasn't for Bon Jovi, or even Steve Buschemi, it was for Shelli Gardner. I got to meet her and talk to her very briefly. I felt like such a groupie, but it will be a moment I will never forget! If you are wondering what we talked about, I was asking about military demos getting to attend the European convention. For those of you who are interested, she said she is working on it, but there are still some legal considerations to be worked out. So, hopefully they will be straightened out before November! Wow, I really look tired in this picture! Guess all that late night stamping is finally catching up with me!


  1. Hey, I think my mom once waited in a line for an autograph ;) Thanks for asking that question! Makes her realize we really are interested in it!

  2. Well now....aren't you lucky! Is she as nice in person as she seems on TV? I bet she is!


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