Saturday, August 8, 2009

Partnering with the Community

The second class of the day was taught by Missy Shipman. She talked about how to partner with your community to hold workshops at the library, during lunch hour at a dentist office, and other possible places in your community where you can team up with other groups. I don't have many pictures of her presentation, but it was very informative. It got me thinking of all the people I come in contact with every day, and how I can introduce them to stamping and SU!

Sorry ladies, but that is all I have time to post this morning before the final day of general session. (Can you tell I overslept)? I will have to finish up my convention coverage of Day 2 when I return from Day 3. I'll see you all after dinner!


  1. hmm, the only thing about some of those places is that dental offices are not appropriate places. It does have to be a "sterile" environment and OSHA has compliance rules. (not to be a wet blanket) but i work in an dental office. If there is a conference/lunch area, or in the waiting room you can do it there. It does help to have people think outside of their comfort zone! ;)
    thanks for sharing these idea!

  2. Thank you Kelly for sharing your convention experience with us it was truly amazing. And it makes me want to make sure that I attend next year. You were also teaching us so much. Thanks again.
    Lisa Davis

  3. Thanks so much for all that you have shared the last couple of days... I wasn't able to go to convention... and was really excited to see your post this morning! YOu made me happy! Thanks again!


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