Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Here!

Well ladies, after a 23 hour day (including 2 hours sitting on the runway in Atlanta) I finally made it to Salt Lake City. Can you believe it? I am still awe struck that I am here. When I checked into the hotel I met Sherrill Graff and several of her downline. They pretty much adopted me and let me help prep for some of the pre-convention activities. One of which is the shoebox swap I'll be participating in tomorrow morning. I thought I would attach a couple of pictures of SLC, and the swaps I got tonight. I will be posting pretty regularly while I'm here, so keep an eye out for updates throughout the day. Now though I need to get some sleep. Jet lag is going to kick my butt otherwise! I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

Salt Lake City Temple
Salt Lake City Capital Building
Swaps made by: Butterfly Pin- Selene Kempton, Asian Artistry- Sandy Maciver, Owl Card- Connie Collins, Reindeer- Elizabeth Hurst, LNS Owl- Unknown

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  1. I made the So Tweet Chipboard Owl Pins. :)

    Vivian Swain


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