Thursday, August 6, 2009

Opening Session

Can you believe it! I'm actually here. Opening session was kind of like being at a rock concert. People were dancing in the aisles and screaming and yelling! We even had some Olympic Hopefuls doing rhythm gymnastics. The opening song was beautiful, and all the gymnasts were amazing. Shelli came out and discussed how she was so inspired by "Hot Yoga" that she changed everything she needed to in order to attend the classes. She went on to explain that when you are inspired you will do anything you can to do what it takes to continue that activity. She believes that if you are truly inspired by Stampin' Up! you will continue to create a plan and to share the opportunity and love for stamping with others. Can I just say that her talk was also truly inspired. She shared inspirational stories from other demonstrators. After it was all over I was crying, and truly inspired!

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