Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scripting for Success

We've all done it. Said the wrong thing at the wrong time or in the wrong way. You go into a workshop super excited about your products and everything you meant to say gets lost in translation somewhere. Dr. Brian Pilling talked to us about scripting and how to get the most out of what we say to our customers. The following slide shows all the questions we as Demonstrators seem to be asking ourselves. We are super excited about our products and want to get our customers to love them as much as we do. What can we say to get them to understand that SU! is the best stuff under the sun.
Brian told us that there is a buyer psychology. All of us, before we decide on a product to purchase, whether it be a new car or a loaf of bread have to feel connected to it. In order to do this we need to have an emotional connection. We have to understand that particular product's story and we need to touch feel and smell it. Why do you think we all get to take a 40 thousand dollar car out for a test drive? They want us to connect to it on all those levels. Stamping is no different!
We put the stamps and paper in our hands, and we like the way it feels, but Brian says that isn't enough. We need to have a story attached to that product. It can be something as simple as the time you created a birthday card for your mom and she cried. It is those kinds of stories that tie these products to us.
Being connected to a product just isn't enough though. We have to get the customer's attention so we can let them know why our product is important. We know they need it, but we have to tell them why. We have to let them know how it can make their crafting or stamping or scrapbooking better and easier. We want them to visualize using that particular product so they fully understand how it can help them. And then we want to invite them to use it, to buy it, to discuss it. We need to call them to an action. Even if it is just "Can you feel how this cardstock is so much thicker than the cardstock you would buy at *************."

By providing this kind of input we can increase our customer's understanding, knowledge, and eventually their collection of SU! products. We know why we use and need this stuff, Now we need to let them know too!

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