Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last Day Opening Session

We had a special guest speaker, Belinda Ellsworth for the entire morning session. She has over 25 years experience in Direct Sales Marketing and currently offers training cd's to help independent direct sales demonstrators to improve their business. She was an extremely energetic speaker with a whole lot of good information.

Belinda first told us that we need to have four things to be successful. In order to achieve success we have to have enthusiasm, we have to focus on our business, we have to commit to our goals and we have to be consistant. She said that the best way to be successful is to make sure that we set goals. The only way to determine if you are successful is to know what success means to you. She challenged us to go home and set a goal for ourselves. I haven't figured out what mine is quite yet, but I'm working on it. The other thing she said was that if you are stamping for fun, make sure you do fun well. I love that quote.

Belinda also said that in order to be a success you must have 3 D's. And the first of those is to make a decision. If you don't decide to become sucessful, you never will be. Once that decision is made you will create a desire for success. Finally you must focus on the details. You have to follow through and make the desire a reality.

One of the things Belinda says she hears from most demonstrators about why they can't work their business is a lack of time. We say we are too busy with our family, jobs outside the home, life in general to focus on our business. Her solution is what she calls the Power Hour. For one hour a day, as often as needed to reach your goal, work on four topics for 15 minutes each. The key to this is you have to focus on that specific topic for a full 15 minutes. For example, the four topics she suggested were Bookings, Recruiting, Customer Care, and Hostess Coaching. So, if you are working on your bookings. Spend those 15 minutes and make phone calls, follow up on leads, track those that said they might be interested. Just make sure you do it for a full 15 minutes. Do this for each of the 4 quarters of an hour and she said you will be successful.

When talking about booking Belinda stated that the most important steps were as follows. Capture the info. How many times has someone said, "Oh, I'm interested, but call me in a month." We always think we will remember that, but we rarely do. Belinda suggests writing down that information as well as contact information. That way not only do you capture it but you also record it. Once you record it, you can go back a month later and realize that you need to contact the customer. That is the final step, acting on the information. Make sure you call that customer.

Customer Care is one of the biggest reasons our customers buy from us. We have something that the big chain stores don't have, and that is personal connection and service. Belinda suggests that after a workshop you call your customer 2 days, 2 weeks, and 2 months after they have attended. At the 2 days call you are just thanking them for their business. When you call after 2 weeks it is to follow up to make sure they recieve their order and don't have any questions. The 2 month call is another follow up and to see if they need any further supplies. This is what SU! is based on. We have to take care of our customers!

Belinda also stressed that we need to always be ready for business. She suggests carrying business cards and a catalog everywhere you go. One of the suggestions was to carry our mini catalog to pass out. Her awesome tip was to place a post-it note on the mini so when we hand them out we can get the potential customer's contact information for follow up. She also suggests keeping in your trunk 6 hostess and 6 recruiting packets as well as a mini show on the go. The mini show contains samples, catalogs, order forms, ribbon and paper samplers. She also recommends having in your head a 30 second commercial about yourself. So when someone asks you what you do you have a quick and concise answer for them. One fo the other readiness tips she gave was to always be dressed for success. Before you leave the house take a good look at yourself. Would you invite you into your home looking the way you look? The last thing you should always know is your next two available dates for workshops. That way if you run into someone who wants to book, you know when you are free.

Belinda went on to talk about workshops and how they should be structured. The first thing any workshop should include is a meet and greet. Give your customers a chance to chat and mingle before you begin the workshop. Make sure you take part as well. Get to know your customers! The next stage is an opening talk. Make sure you include 3 positive services you offer, let them know your business schedule, offer to demo a workshop for them, and tell them your short and concise recruting story. Next you show the product. This can include demos, make n takes, and hands on free play. Then give your booking talk. Tell them what they can offer to their friends, such as an enjoyable evening out with little work on thier part. Ask if anyone is interested in the SU! opportunity and then finally take customer orders. DO NOT LEAVE the room when waiting for orders. They may have questions or need assistance, and that is all part of your customer care.

When talking about recruiting there are several rules to follow:
Always invite doesn't matter who they are or what is going on.
Never Pre-Judge your customers by saying "Oh, she wouldn't be interested". Who are you to decide?
Remember you are only looking for leads. Do not appear overly pushy. Offer them a packet, let them take it home and then walk away!

Why do we recruit?
As demonstrators we know what an amazing gift SU! can offer. It can give financial freedom, flexability of time, friendships, recognition, and allow for personal growth. Don't be selfish. everyone deserves the chance to recieve this gift.

Finally, the how. Talk about the SU! opportunity throughout your workshop. As Belinda says, sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. Don't bombard them with the opportunity. Give them a recruiting packet and then let them go home and look through it. Call them later to go over it and answer any questions.

Remember, there are three kinds of people. Those who are exuding confidence and will ask for a packet directly. These are few and far between. There are those who will come up and ask tons of questions but never ask for a packet. They want to be asked personally. Make sure you ask! Finally there are those who may be shy. They don't think they are capable or worth of the opportunity. Everyone deserves the opportunity, offer it to them in whatever way feels most comfortable for them.

I know this was an extremely long post, but it was wonderful information. I thought all of you needed to hear it. This year is the year for us to grow our business, take care of our customers, and share the SU! opportunity. Belinda Ellsworth has given us the tools to do just that!


  1. Thank you SO much for posting these wonderful and concise briefs! I was not able to attend convention, and your posts are a great substitute!

  2. Kellie, I have followed your blog through convention and you have done an OUTSTANDING job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I attended last year and was not able to attend this year, and your attention to detail and articulate description of the essence of the presentations (as well as your fabulous photos) is an exceptional gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Anne Matasci

  3. What awesome information! Thanks for taking the time to post it all. It was almost (not really) as good as being there.

  4. Great post on Belinda specifically and the whole convention! I've heard her speak before and think she is amazing and was curious what she would say this year. Your post was exactly what I needed and I appreciate your sharing and time!

  5. Kelly, I just have to say what a FAB job you've done on recording your convention experience! As someone who will never get to experience it for herself, I want to tell you how much it means to be able to see so much. Thank you so much! ~Betsy Z.

  6. Kelly..your daily posts are soooo appreciated. I know how long blog posts can take and you taking the time to keep all of us who did not go to convention informed is great. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. Thank you for your post, it was most helpful and a great insight to Convention in the US :)

    Alex from England x

  8. Wow Kelly, you are so generous to share all this information with us! As a demo who has never made it to Convention (in my dreams!lol), I so appreciate all you've shared! :)

    Thanks so much,
    Crystal (SCS happy2stamp4ever)

  9. This is great!!! I was just going to try and go through my notes fro a downline meeting and yours is wonderful' Great job! I hope you don't mind if I use it.

  10. Kelly thanks so much for your generous sharing! For those of us who couldn't attend convention this is just amazing!

    Thanks again!!

  11. Thank you for posting your notes. I got far more out of your notes than out of the presentation (which I hated). Thanks to you I got some valueable information.

  12. Kelly THANK YOU! for giving such a great tutorial of what you heard from presenters at convention. I sorely missed the experience this year, however your recap of the presentations makes me feel like I didn't miss as much. I have bookmarked them to read and re-read so that I can meet my new goals for success.


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