Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LNS Wow event

Tonight I got to hang out at the LNS WOW pre-convention event. There were some great projects and ideas that were tossed around. I've attached a few pictures below to show you the kind of things demonstrated. Unfortunately I didn't write down the presenters names. Hopefully they will forgive me. If you happen to know who presented these projects please let me know so I can give them proper credit.

First off Mary Haden showed us how to make the corner bookmarks. These are super easy and great for giving to that special person who deserves more than a card, but who you don't want to spend any money on :)

The next WOW presentation was by Marti Shae. She showed us how to make make multi layered elements for cards and projects. She showed us beautiful butterflies and daisies that she used on a matchbox note card holder.

The third project was a really cool one. I wish I knew who presented it. She used the new wooden sheets to make some of our Big shot boxes. This is only one of them, but it was my favorite. Aren't they cool?

The fourth idea we were shown was how to use Big shot negatives as stencils. Personally, this was one of my favorite ideas. I usually just throw those negative images away, but this is a great idea to get some use out of them.

You would think this was plenty of WOW for one night, but wait....there's more. Judy Garza showed us the secret spy extra special decoder card. This card uses a red cellophane decoder to read. It is super cool!

Another demonstrator (whose name I don't know) showed us to use dabers to color embossed cardstock. She just lightly daubbed the raised area of the card.

Robin Messenheimer showed us how to make a 3D pop up card using the butterfly die and some strips of window sheets. I am definitely planning on using this technique at one of my workshops.

Melissa Rodgers and Gayla O'Dell from Mega Stampin Studio showed us this cute little box you can use to hold lip gloss pots or hershey kisses. It was super easy and not only can you make this little box, but if you fold it differently it turns into a little triangle box as well.

The final WOW project was from Virginia. She showed us how to use an easy bow making tool to make gorgeous little organza bows. I don't have a picture of it yet, but I will. I bought the little tool so I may finally be able to retire my glue dots when it comes to bow making.

Well, that is all for the WOW event. It was tons of fun, and as usual with the LNS events I learned a ton. I better get some sleep. Tomorrow is a major shopping day since the momento mall opens. I'll try and give you a few things to look at while you are waiting with baited breath for the MM sneak peeks. Until then.......

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