Monday, August 3, 2009

LNS Shoe Box Swap

Wow! That's pretty much all I have to say. The five ladies I was partnered with for this shoe box swap were absolutely amazing! I made some new friends and got some amazing ideas. Just see them all!

First of all, Stacie Clark may be my new best friend :) Not only did she cover me with glitter, but she made me laugh. Stacie's project was a magazine holder and cards. I have to admit, I wasn't overly excited about this DSP when I saw it in the catalog, but now it is totally growing on me. We didn't stamp at all for this project, but that is because one of the stamp sets we will be getting in our convention bags on Wednesday will match this paper perfectly.

Sharon was another project swapper, and I absolutely love her use of the daisy die and butterfly die. She used a bug box (yep, something my kids would have loved to gotten their hands on) and showed us how to make it beautiful. I think this is one project I will definitely be keeping!

Yvonne Brannen's project is a definite winner, and the lady from the hotel who judged all our projects thought so too. Yvonne won almost $50 worth of SU! merchandise for her candle in a box project. If you think you are on my Christmas list this year, don't look. I will definitely be making these to give as gifts!

Finally we made two gorgeous cards! They are so pretty. I love the color combo on the yellow one and I think the first thing I buy when I get back will be the "Dasher" single stamp. I will probably use him for Christmas cards this year. These cards were shared by Jill Coleman and her downline (I am such a bad swapper, I forgot to get a business card from her down line and I can't read her name tag in the photo!. I know she reads my blog, so hopefully she will let me know her name so I can give her proper credit.) They kept apologizing for only making cards, but these cards were incredible. Besides, I needed a break from 3D. It was kind of fun just using snail again.

UPDATE: The unnamed stamper is Chris Occhipinti. Chris I'm so sorry I forgot your name!

I told you the projects were amazing! I had so much fun. We laughed and joked and had a great time crafting. I forget how enjoyable stamping can be. As many people have said "It's so much cheaper than therapy!" But now, I need to go and take a nap. Jet lag isn't too bad, but a nap can't hurt. Besides, Yvonne and I hit Olive Garden after the swap, and as usual I ate too much! But boy was it good. It's been about 3 years since I had it. I even managed to finagle the waiter into letting me take some soup and salad and breadsticks to go. Now I can have it for dinner too! Then, after dinner I have the Reunion Party. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Hey Kelly. It was so much fun to stamp with you. I finished your fun s'mores holder yesterday. But I had to eat one of the graham crackers because two would not fit. I hate when I have to snack! Oh, my downline's name is Chris Occhipinti and I will agree about how wonderful her project was as was everyone's at our table. Hope to run into you again this week!


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